Celebrating 15 years of Race Against Cancer!

The Virtual Run will be open for registration from 15 July 2023 to 16 September 2023.

With 21km and 42km categories, clock your run with Strava at any time and place from 17 September 2023 to 30 September 2023.

Qualify* by 30 September 2023, 2359hrs to receive your category entitlements (Event T-shirt, E-Certs & Finisher Medal).

*Hit minimum fundraising amount ($55 or $65) & clocked distance (21km or 42km)

Virtual Run

Registration Period
15 Jul 2023 to
16 Sep 2023
Race & Qualifying Period
17 Sep 2023 to
30 Sep 2023
Race Venue
(with Strava App)
Fundraising Period
15 Jul 2023 to
30 Sep 2023

1. Register

Register by 16 September to begin your virtual journey in the Race Against Cancer 2023.

Hit the minimum amount (e.g., $55 for 21km) & clock your distance during the race period (17th – 30th Sept) to qualify.

The last date to qualify is by 30 September 2023, 2359hrs. We strongly encourage all Virtual Run participants to qualify early in order to secure category entitlements.

Limited slots available for both 21km and 42km categories.

2. Link your Strava account by 16 September

After registration, you can login & link your active Strava account to your RAC profile by going to ‘My Profile’ > ‘My Activity’.

Please also ensure that you enable the ‘View data about your private activities’ checkbox during linking authorisation.

3. Virtual Race Period Starts 17 September

The race period starts 17 September and ends 30 September.

Start clocking your distance of 21km or 42km and continue fundraising.

The Virtual Run category is cumulative. You can split your distance and record your run.

Do ensure that all run activities are recorded using the Strava app or Connected Devices to Strava app during the race period 17th September to 30th September 2023, 2359hrs.

We recommend that you can take the park connectors (PCNs) or parks near your home.
You will need to track your date & time, distance, duration, and route map using Strava (GPS-enabled app) for the activities to sync and reflect in your profile under ‘My Profile’ > ‘My Activity’ > ‘My Records’.

4. Record your activities during Race Period (Step-by-Step Guide)

Record an Activity on Strava App Step-by-Step Guide

More information on Recording an Activity on Strava here.

Connect Your Device to Strava App Step-by-Step Guide

More information on finding your Device here.
For more information on how to get your activities to Strava App, refer this link.

5. Fundraise until 30 September

After you have completed your registration, you may login to your profile and donate the amount or rally your friends and family to fundraise the minimum amount required or your preferred fundraising target!

Donations to the team will be equally shared amongst all members of the team at the point of donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Virtual Run category participants entitled to the Race Pack?

Only registered Physical Race category participants (registration closed 25 August) who have achieved their race category minimum fundraising amount will be eligible to collect the race pack.

Virtual Run category participants are not entitled to race pack and only those who have achieved their run category minimum fundraising amount are entitled to the Medal and T-shirt after the event.
What activities can I track using the Strava App?
Run, Walk, Hike, Wheelchair activities can be tracked and submitted for this race. Do ensure your activity is of the correct category, as other activities will not be recorded for the event. You can't use a treadmill, steps tracker and pedometer submission for the virtual race as most treadmills, steps tracker and pedometer do not provide a date/time and route map, and it can't be tracked using the Strava app.
Where can I download the Strava App?
You can download the Strava GPS App here. Our system has been designed for participants to link their Strava App and sync activities seamlessly. Without the Strava App, you can’t participate for the Virtual Run category.
For more FAQs on Virtual Run, click here.

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