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Joe Parwin

Team member of JPA Hermes

Challenge Distance
42.19km of 42km
Individual Fund Raised Amount
raised from 3 donors
of $60.00
Team Fund Raised Amount
raised from 40 donors
of $60.00

Donations from Joe Parwin's Supporters

Christine Poon
donated $15.00

Fighting JPA Hermes

Parwin Kitratiprasan
donated $15.00

Together we will do it. :)

Wong Peng Liang
donated $7.50

Date Activity Name Category Distance(km) Time Taken
23 Sep 2020 6:48PM 1st run Run 13.00 1 hrs 45 mins
24 Sep 2020 6:42PM 2nd run Run 5.01 38 mins
26 Sep 2020 7:43PM 3rd run Run 9.65 1 hrs 25 mins
27 Sep 2020 7:47AM 4th run Run 14.53 2 hrs 2 mins

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