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Team member of JPA Hermes

Challenge Distance
6.39km of 21km
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Team Fund Raised Amount
raised from 40 donors
of $60.00

Donations from Junnbinn's Supporters

Christine Poon
donated $15.00

Fighting JPA Hermes

Parwin Kitratiprasan
donated $15.00

Together we will do it. :)

Wong Peng Liang
donated $7.50

donated $10.00


Edmund Toh
donated $30.00

Run faster ah!! Haha... support you!! Jia you!!

Yap Kin Hua
donated $10.00

Ho Wei Wei
donated $15.00


Qiu Wenqi
donated $15.00


donated $10.00

Riki Boo
donated $16.67

All we can do is the best we can do.

donated $10.00

Jiayou orhhh !😁

Woon Bee Hwa
donated $30.00

JIA You 💪

donated $16.67

10Q 4 Running in D Race :)

Riki Boo
donated $16.67

Trust yourself that you can do it and get it.

donated $100.00

All the best!

Chen Junbin
donated $15.00

Huat Ar~

Poh Jing Chun Sanly
donated $15.00

Date Activity Name Category Distance(km) Time Taken
19 Sep 2020 6:45PM Evening Run Run 3.40 31 mins
19 Sep 2020 9:30PM Night Run Run 2.99 25 mins

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