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Johnny Tan

Team member of Amgen Running for Hope

Challenge Distance
128.18km of 42km
A Race To Save Lives
Individual Fund Raised Amount
raised from 26 donors
of $500.00
Team Fund Raised Amount
raised from 1419 donors
of $2,610.00

Donations from Johnny Tan's Supporters

Liu Xiao
donated $100.00

Ben Chua
donated $1.27

Great job Team!

Lee Chin Guan
donated $2.53

God Bless You!

Ang Hock Chuan
donated $50.00

Well done! Jiayou!

Wong Wui Jin
donated $1.27

Good job everyone! Keep it going!!

Nor Wadiah
donated $0.38

Up Up and Away~

Charmain Lim
donated $1.01

Every little effort counts! 💪🏻

donated $100.00

Thank you for raising awareness and funds to support cancer patients.

Sek Chow Hoong
donated $30.00

Your run & heart is impressive! Take care too, Johnny!

Susan Tan
donated $60.00

Well done Johnny!

Sinyee Ho
donated $2.53

Lee Kian Teck
donated $100.00

Your gift of running for cancer beats all the gifts in monetary values! 加油⛽

donated $100.00

Johnny your efforts are appreciated. Go full steam ahead and finish the distance. Here is a small token for right cause and worst disease in the world.

donated $1.27

Well Done!

Prafulla Mukkawar
donated $0.63

You have taken one nice step to support cancer patient. Let's join hand and walk n Run to show your social awareness n responsibilities.

Tan Cheng Kiat
donated $0.63

Let's go!

donated $0.38

“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” -Ronald Reagan

Lee Kian Heng
donated $0.76

Ye Kyaw Tun
donated $1.27

Smile & Silent :)

Mahajan Jitendra Keshav
donated $1.27

"Great job all participants, You are doing it for noble cause"

Jessica Simpson
donated $1.27

Great job running for a great cause!

Ho Adeline
donated $2.53

Great work for a good cause!!

Chan Sharon Marie
donated $100.00

Tan Hong Choon
donated $1.49

Let's fight against cancer together.

Gabriel Chew
donated $1.44

Do It for Those Who Can't... Let's make the difference... If you can't run, then donate vice versa... if you can do both, it will be the best of both worlds..

Ben Chua
donated $38.00

Just Run Lah!
Date Activity Name Category Distance(km) Time Taken
19 Sep 2020 6:24AM Morning Run Run 21.21 2 hrs 28 mins
20 Sep 2020 6:58AM Morning Hike Hike 5.73 1 hrs 29 mins
20 Sep 2020 8:42AM Morning Hike Hike 3.77 51 mins
20 Sep 2020 9:35AM Morning Hike Hike 2.07 34 mins
21 Sep 2020 8:03AM Morning Walk Walk 3.08 58 mins
22 Sep 2020 5:25PM Afternoon Run Run 16.17 1 hrs 47 mins
23 Sep 2020 6:17PM Evening Run Run 8.59 57 mins
25 Sep 2020 8:25AM Morning Run Run 16.03 1 hrs 56 mins
25 Sep 2020 1:53PM Afternoon Walk Walk 3.01 33 mins
25 Sep 2020 9:22PM Night Walk Walk 0.04 1 mins
26 Sep 2020 9:16AM Morning Walk to buy a coffee for Mrs Walk 10.02 1 hrs 44 mins
26 Sep 2020 6:28PM Evening Walk Walk 0.65 10 mins
26 Sep 2020 7:09PM Evening Walk Walk 5.02 55 mins
26 Sep 2020 8:35PM Evening Walk Walk 1.18 7 mins
27 Sep 2020 7:49AM Morning Run Run 11.56 1 hrs 44 mins
27 Sep 2020 10:09AM 2nd round after breakfast. Last day of RAC2020 VirtualRun 17.02 2 hrs 13 mins
27 Sep 2020 5:10PM Afternoon Walk Walk 0.21 3 mins
27 Sep 2020 6:54PM Evening Walk after dinner Walk 2.82 53 mins

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