The SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme first began in 2009 in an effort to support and improve the lives of children affected by cancer.


These children and youths are cancer patients themselves or have parents who are cancer patients assisted by SCS. This programme engages children and youths to make life changing impacts in their lives.


The Singtel Touching Lives Fund is a significant contributor to this programme, having funded $200,000 yearly from 2009 to 2013, and an increase of $50,000 to $250,000 in 2014 and 2015.  Thanks to this generous contribution, the programme has set up several initiatives that cater to the educational and psychosocial needs of the young who are faced with adversities in their early lives.


Free tuition services, book prize awards and school allowance grants constitute to the half of the programme’s aim. To further extend our outreach and support services, youth and family engagement activities are organised regularly for the children and their families. This serves as a platform to facilitate family bonding and establish a support group amongst the youth. SCS also collaborates with medical students from Duke-NUS and NUS Medical Society to organize school holiday camps, namely Camp Simba (ages 7 – 12) and Camp Rafiki (ages 12 – 17). Ultimately, we strive to build resilience and empowerment in them through fun-filled experiential activities.


Tuition Programme


Children and youths affected by cancer may struggle academically; their families may also be unable to afford tuition fees due to their financial burdens resulting from treatment costs. To address these concerns, the Society engages qualified tutors to provide free one-to-one home tuition serves. In 2014, 54 children and youths were enrolled in our tuition programme.


Tutors are given regular opportunities to learn from the psychosocial services team on how to better support children and youths who have lost a parent to cancer or whose families are impacted by the disease. Besides tutoring, tutors also provide insights into the home environment of students; where necessary, students are provided with furniture and equipment to facilitate studying.

Book Prize Award

Academic award ceremonies were held in March and September 2014 to acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements and improvements made, despite the impact of cancer, by 113 children and youths. 59 book prizes, 6 achievement/special awards, and 38 encouragement awards were distributed last year.

Youth camp and youth engagement activties

In June 2014, SCS organize Camp FERO, a three day camp for 21 youths whose families were affected by cancer, at the Singapore Zoo. Inspired by the Camp Simba Model, Camp FERO was designed with the same goal in mind: to foster community bonding, nurture character development, and promote resilience. The youths participated in hikes along the Southern Ridges trail, Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer and iFly Singapore.

Education Financial Assistance Scheme

The Society provides school allowance grants and bursaries to alleviate the financial burden of school-going children and youth whose families are impacted by cancer. In 2014, 40 children received school allowance grants while 5 bursaries were awarded to students undergoing tertiary education.

Jagdish Singh, 15, Secondary 3

On SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme – Tuition Service since February 2010

Jagdish was first known to the Society when his mother was under the help of SCS Cancer Treatment Fund. At 7 years old, Jagdish faced both the news of his mother’s diagnosis of Stage 3 Lung Cancer as well as his own Muscular Dystrophy.


Following the passing of his mother in March 2010, he and his then 16-year-old sister moved in with their aunt, Madam Beba, who quitted her job to care for her sister’s children. As Jagdish’s muscles are weakened over time due to his condition, he is currently wheelchair bound. Madam Beba will often accompany him for physiotherapy and swimming therapy to help slow down the muscle degeneration.



The tuition service and engagement programmes were made possible with your kind donations and enthusiastic participation in our Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer. This year, you can play your part again, to help children like Jagdish by giving them hope for a better tomorrow. Register now for the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2016!

Race Against Cancer

Singapore Cancer Society

Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) 2016 is a race to save lives – Organised by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) aims to raise funds for cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, free cancer screenings, research and public education initiatives.


Taking place for the 8th year since 2009, Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) exists to make our statement against cancer, to minimize cancer and maximize life. No one should fight cancer alone - this event invites people of all walks of life to join in the fight and run alongside those who are impacted by cancer.


Programmes and services that we are hoping to drive include the Cancer Care Fund, Cancer Rehabilitation Centre,

SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid.

The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) was founded in 1964, registered as a society in 1984 and has IPC (Institution of a Public Character) status as a charity since 1995. SCS is endorsed by the Ministry of Health and is a member of the National Council of Social Service and Singapore Hospice Council.


The Society has just celebrated its 50th birthday and is on a continued mission to defend and uphold the life and dignity of every person directly or indirectly impacted by cancer, journeying along with cancer patients through the different life stages – from early detection to end-of-life care.


The Society is a self-funded charity which organises various fundraising activities, including Race Against Cancer, to rally the community to join in the fight, raising funds to support us in providing quality services to cancer patients, their families and the public.


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